Our Team
Children have been awarded scholarships in Maharashtra state middle and high school scholarship examination, Maharashtra Talent Search, National Talent Search, National Science Olympiad, National Cyber Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad, International Informatics Olympiad, International Assessment of Indian Schools by University of New South Wales – Australia, Asset Scope Examination, Unified Cyber Olympiad, National Sarvodaya Mathematics and Science Olympiad.
Children have been awarded medals and trophies in sports for their outstanding performance at state and national level in Roller Skating, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Tennis, Karate, Kick Boxing, Fencing, Wushu, Basketball, Volley ball, Swimming, Athletics, Chess, Carrom, Handball, and Hockey.
Children graduating from our institute have received numerous awards in academics because of their early start to learning.
They are self-reliant and have the self esteem to succeed in society.
Several have made the decision to continue their education, travel overseas, and follow their dreams.
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