Viraf Dinyar Pesuna

Principal and Secretary
Rustomjie Educational Trust

Principal Desk

Walk with me and you will quickly find there is something special about our school. Some people say it is a global perspective, other see it in the way we live our values. We also believe it is our all-encompassing commitment to instill the joy of learning into everything we do. You see we want your children to remain curious and motivated by the world they live in now, and for the rest of their lives.

At Rustomjie all this happens within a caring community environment that collaborates to inspire everybody in it- students, teachers and parents. We believe your children's happiness and will be is as important as the equation of knowledge and understanding, as both are fundamental to their future achievements.

Through learning, 'inspire all to make a difference' is our core purpose. In defining our purpose, we have distilled the many ideas, feelings and voices that make up our community. 'Through learning' capture children's endeavour to encourage lifelong learning in everything they do, and remain curious and motivated by the world they live in.

'To inspire all to make a difference' express our collective desire to see and enable your children's achievement as a personal goal. It embodies a drive to enrich and contribute positively to the children around us, both near and far.

The hallmark of great school can often be seen in how well child is prepared and inspired along their journey towards personal success and academic achievement. For us, it is also about creating amazing experiences that are remembered for a lifetime. The powerful relationship that bind and unite students, parents and teachers underpin a partnership for learning that is genuinely inclusive, nurturing, and challenging.

When a child joints Rustomjie, we do more than and enroll student, will take in a family. We look forward to welcoming your child to Rustomjie International to a world of learning in enjoyable ways.