Smart Classroom

Quality education has become essential in today’s world as the skill set of every individual is updating as the years, in terms of technology, passes by. The competitive environment is cut-throat, and one needs to keep up! Technology has entered every aspect of our lives and preventing students and teachers to make the most of such developments. The opportunity to provide students with quality education by helping them understand concepts better, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and achieve academic excellence.

30-35 seating capacity smart classrooms, Technology aided Smart Board. We commit to providing the very best educational environment for students, utilising the most effective tools the 21st century digital age has to offer.

 Highly Qualified Faculty

Our faculty is made up of highly qualified and experienced professional. Faculty members includes experienced, vibrant, communicative, expressive and equally technology saavy professionals thoroughly devoted to achieve excellence.


Our learning centre, planned with the voluminous collection of Indian and international books, encyclopaedia, literature, humanities, science and technology, environment, various magazines, periodicals, journals, and CDs on topical and global happenings is staffed by qualified librarian and equipped with network computers linked to filtered Internet service. Ample facilities have been accorded for reference learning and research..


The laboratories are equipped to high standards of safety, and support the core proformas of learning science and mathematics right from an early age. The theoretical aspects of science cannot be completely grasped unless followed by practical’s, skills of experimentation is not only taught but encouraged under the supervision of trained teachers and laboratory technicians.

Models, Slides, Charts and Audio visual with content of CDs enhance the learning of mathematics and science in the laboratories.

  IT in Education

Technology is integrated throughout all subject areas. We integrate it into our curriculum for one overriding purpose: to enhance learning, teaching, we commit to providing the very best educational environment for students, utilising the most effective tools the 21st century digital age has to offer. The installed internet connection, digital smart board, audio-visual systems and host of IT hardware enhances the quality and depth of learning for the students and also for the teaching community at Rustomjie. By embracing the best technologies, we aim to positively transform learning to equip students with a framework of understanding that can be fixed to reinforce their individual learning styles and goals -what we like to call a Win-Win situation.

 Art & Music

Providing a dynamic mix of co-curricular experiences an essential part of our curriculum.

We value the role of these activities play in creating a well-rounded and balanced school life. Through participation, students develop as individuals, and discover interests that often lead to lifelong passions.

There is something for everyone at any age, including cultural visit, outdoor learning, language, Science, information Technology, cooking, sport, street play, dance, theatre art, environmental projects, and community services. Our commitment to educating the whole student remains paramount. We encourage all to be as adventurous and open to trying new things, as success beyond the classroom is just as important as success within.


As Rustomjians, we champion a love of physical activity. To us, sports are quite essential part of education, teaching life lessons and teamwork, dedication, team spirit, self-confidence and discipline

Our dedicated teams of full-time coaches have 5 acres of excellent facilities to play in, including a full size, all-weather tennis court, volleyball, basketball. We also own field for football, softball, baseball, handball and throw ball.

Students with special talents are encouraged to model themselves as a sporting stars and become ambassadors for the school in sporting events.

Our athletes compete against local and other schools across India.

 Personality Development

RI seeks to bring out the hidden talents, skill and knowledge in a student resulting in the wholesome development of their personality.

The PD program is an approach to groom and develop the student's personality to its utmost potential.

Lectures, demonstrations, and workshops on communication skills, time management, situation analysis, role-playing, etiquettes and manners are conducted and organised in language and grooming lab.


Commuting is a concern of safety and security and we have ensured fullest attention to this aspect by offering school bus service. This service involves team of experienced and caring staffing who always look forward for timely reaching and drop.